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It was a fun trip, and we were safe.

We took a trip to Kansas recently. It was probably the first time I had been there in about a decade. While there, we were able to explore some rocks. Besides finding some snakes, we had a lot of fun and got some exercise. Under one rock, there were seven snakes hiding. It would have been cool to check them all out, but we'd never be able to life most of them. We'll share more photos later, but here's a good pile of Monster Truck & Bugger enjoying the pile. Enjoy the photos!


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I really amazed with the big rock. Can I ask? That rock is human made or natural creator or disaster?

I think it is natural, but I did not ask.

Really it’s a wonderful place! Also perfect for finding snake that already you got . Nice to see your kids are enjoying but missing pinky-pepper and red-pepper, where are them?