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Ants are group animals. They live in groups. You will not find any other soul in the world like them. They are very hardworking. They come to each other's side in danger. They work on time. No work left. They store food during the winter season. As if you don't have to wear food in the rainy season.




I hear ants can't see. They excrete a kind of salivary substance from their mouths. Once that road goes through. He left on the street. The next time they come back they bring that saliva smell. This is not their wrong path. Once they lose their way, they go round and round.

Although ants are very small creatures, they are very scary. Their unity is their strength. In fact, the nation lives in unity. No one can endanger them. Ants are big proof of that.




Ants eat the remains of all kinds of insects. They can kill animals bigger than them. When they find food somewhere, they jump there in groups. And collects food.

There are many species of ants around the world. We have many species of ants in Bangladesh. But the world's lungs are home to many endangered species of ants in the Amazon rainforest. One of those bites will leave you unconscious for 6-7 hours. People are afraid to go to them.

Lastly, ants are a useful animal. They do us no harm. Lots of time bites. But they never bite unless you bother them.

Camera: OPPO F10


Ants are very intelligent, I like them a lot, we should learn a little about them.
Your photographs are incredible, a hug, vote your publication. :)

Thanks for your comment

Salomón menciona que las hormigas se gobiernan a la perfección sin tener gobernador. excelente. te sigo

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