Guilin. Part 9. Walk along the river.

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On the day of the excursion, together with a visit to the Silver Cave, we also stopped at a river, where there were many rafts with beautiful colored umbrellas, and we could ride these rafts.
A bridge was built across the river, from which I took all these photos.
We did not go rafting, probably because we had ridden similar rafts in Yangshuo the day before, and were very happy with the walk.
Here we rode not far, literally 300-500 meters and back.
We just walked, took pictures, ate ice cream with my husband and waited until all our fellow travelers from the group rolled down the river.
In general, I really love river walks, and wherever we are, we always take a walk along the river or in the bay: In New York, Singapore, Bangkok, the Philippines ... and many other countries.

The views, of course, are mesmerizing. The Guilin mountains are generally mesmerizing, after 2-3 days you get used to it, your eyes are already getting used to the surrounding mountains, and they cease to notice them.

An interesting house stands against the backdrop of mountains.
I would like to photograph everything around, so good and beautiful!

Here you can take a closer look at the bamboo rafts, and at the boatmen who are waiting for their tourists for a walk.

The place is beautiful, rafts with bright umbrellas, if you wish, be sure to take a ride on the river on a bamboo raft.

Until the moment we stopped on this bridge and on the river, we stopped by for lunch.
Moon Hill was visible from our restaurant window.
There is a separate excursion to it, with a rise to the hill, from which, as they say, a wonderful view of the entire Yangshuo opens.
We did not go on this excursion, but we saw from afar what the Moon Hill is with an interesting natural hole in it.

If you are interested in hiking, you can separately drive to the mountain, climb it and from there admire the city from above.

But we didn’t like lunch at the restaurant where we were brought.
We rarely find ourselves at a very bad dinner, when it is clear that the simplest and most tasteless dishes are used for tourists.
Everything is expensive, you are brought to this place, there is no choice, but everything is absolutely not tasty.
We took to try rice in bamboo, it turns out beautifully for a picture and a photo, but it is impossible to eat.
Rice is dry, no taste, and still undercooked.

Whoever has been reading me for a long time (and I have been writing since 2013 on various resources) knows that I always write about tasty, beautiful and pleasant things.
I bypass negative moments, I'm just not interested in remembering them, and why should people read unpleasant moments?
But here I just want to note that everything in this restaurant was not tasty.
We ate this dry tasteless rice and drank tea.
By the way, the tea was also very ordinary, although I am very good at the most ordinary oolong.

So we visited the Li River.

To be continued...

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Beautiful place that I would love to visit some day!

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