Narvision: The sea of sow thistles

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You might have two questions: where is this Harry-Potter-sounding place called Narvision located and how the heck she found the drone controller after filming herself in such a wast field. Short answer: officially such name of a place doesn't exist and no, I could not find the controller after filming myself in such a wast field. Well, at least for a while...

The real name of the place is Narvydžiai. Be carefull, don't break your tongue while trying to pronounce it. Narvydžiai is my hometown in Northwestern Lithuania, only a few kilometers away from Latvia. When we see a latvian, we usually call him 'braliukas', which basically is just another way to say 'brother'.

Snow thistles are good for two reasons: rabbits like to eat them and they look nice on camera. If there are things that I truly love, they are dancing and filming/editing. Oh yes, there is also my husband. However, this post is not about him, it's about important things...

Why did I call this place Narvision? Well, my hometown, which is not far away from this field did not have a paved road for many years. Once the pavement was finally finished some youngsters decided that the town needed a more modern name. Since that day they call it Narvision.

How did I find the drone controller after pretending that someone else was filming me? Well, I used spells and magic. Oh yes. Also, I payed a lot. Honestly, it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Was this the only 'drone adventure' that summer? Well, no. Who would have known that tall trees and drones do not co-exist well. However, that's another story...

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