Mosėdis: The Museum of Rare Stones & The garden of Intas

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Long story short, Mosėdis is a town in Western Lithuania that has just over 1 thousand residents. It is 17km away from my hometown Narvydžiai, 17.4km from Lenkimai, 52.6km from Palanga, and 15.9km from the ancient Mound of Apuole, places my husband and I have mentioned before.  

Tour guides like to introduce Mosėdis as 'the Capital of Stones'. The main reason for that is, it has a so-called Museum of Rare Stones which was established by Doctor Vaclovas Intas (1925-2007).

Doctor Intas loved traveling and brought many plants that had not grown there before from places far far away. The whole establishment stretches across the valley of roughly 8 hectares. Currently, the museum exhibits more than 150 thousand stones and pebbles.

The uniqueness of this can not be described and it has to be seen. Without any delay, I invite you to a virtual tour of The Museum of Rare Stones & The garden of Intas.

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