Lithuania: The ancient mound of Apuolė

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The ancient mound of Apuolė is located in Apuolė village, Lithuania. More than a thousand years ago Apuolė belonged to the Swedes, but residents got rid of them. Taking advantage of this the Danes attacked Apuolė but were defeated. In 853-845, Swedish King Olaf with a large army attacked a Curonian town called Apulia protected by 15,000 soldiers from 5 regions... (Source:

I always believed it is important to know your roots. The beauty of The mound of Apuolė fascinated me since I was a child. As this ancient site is located only 11km away from my hometown Narvydžiai, I've been here more times than I can remember.

Those who already saw 'Samogitia: The land of fearless Warriors', posted by my husband a few days ago, already had a chance to get to know the mound of Apuolė from another perspective. This time I would like to take you on another journey. A journey through seasons.

Winters in Lithuania can get unforgiving. Most likely they were even colder during the times mentioned above. The circle of life and death never stops and what's lush and green in summer has to give up its place to snow and ice as those two opposites do not coexist together.

Heavy snowfall is usual during the months of December, January, and February. The temperature might fall below -25 degrees Celsius. It might be rare, but not uncommon. Something to know when planning to come here in cold months of winter. It leaves you wondering how people lived here without those modern electric heaters and fancy thermal clothes.


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