Hanging bridges of the Minija River

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The difference between standard bridges and hanging ones is that hanging bridges are moving. When you try to cross them it feels like they are alive. The Minija River is 202-kilometer long and it has a few beauties. While my daughter was having some fun time with her dad, I visited 4 of them.

All of these bridges are located in Klaipėda county, Western Lithuania. They are called Dituva Bridge, Priekulė Bridge, Gropiškiai Bridge and Lankupiai Bridge. Takes half a day to see them all if you own a car. Takes quite longer to hike from one to another. However, not a bad idea if you have all weekend.

The longest of these four is the hanging bridge of Lankupiai. Actually, this 130 m long old guy is the longest hanging bridge in all Lithuania. It is said that it was built somewhere at the beginning of the 20th century. You can see the full presentation over here, but I have to warn you it has no subtitles.


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