Family trip to Turkey: Kemer

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This time I would like to share the first travel video that I have ever made. Despite being filmed with a 40$ 'fake GoPro' that I bought on Ali Express, it is kind of cute. All this happened during our family trip to Kemer, Turkey that happened back in 2015. About 6 months prior to the Big journey that we had together with my husband Tautvydas.

Kemer is a seaside resort and district of Antalya Province on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey (wiki). My Mom and Dad chose this place because of the sunny weather and a great 5 Star Hotel. Lithuanians love spending their holidays in Turkey and they usually buy those all-inclusive packages so they can eat, sleep, and repeat.

During our stay, we did all kinds of activities including long walks and swimming in the sea. I also met a local friend who once studied in Lithuania as an Erasmus student. Finally, we baked in the sun for hours and hours. When we came back home, Lithuania was covered in snow and my suntan didn't fit the cold Lithuanian winter mood...

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