Aukštumala Cognitive Trail

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The Aukštumala Cognitive Trail is a mysterious place where travelers have a rare opportunity to get acquainted with the swamp and learn about its characteristic plants and animals, see the landscape, experience the unique beauty of such an environment. It is one of the few remaining shelters for some extremely rare animals and plants.

Occupying a large area of ​​2,500 hectares, the Aukštumala wetland is truly unique. The first cognitive trail in this area was built in the 18th century and it connected several marsh villages that no longer exist.

Today, the trail attracts nature enthusiasts from all over the world. Unfortunately, only a third of the wetland - the western part - has retained its natural features and was declared a telmological reserve in 1995.

More than a kilometer-long cognitive trail reveals all the secrets of the marsh's beauty and helps to get to know its unique habitats, plants and animals, understand how valuable and how complex this mysterious ecosystem is.

I had a chance to film this place on my solo trip that happened about a year ago. If you plan to come to Western Lithuania, it is a nice family-friendly place to go. Check out my other content for some more potential ideas.

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