Bucket List Visits - Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone Park

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We traveled by car one summer to see take in two "bucket list" places or "must visits" and we were not disappointed and will forever remember.

Seeing in person the magnitude of historic Mount Rushmore is beyond words. The figures of 4 historic US Presidents (Washington, Roosevelt, Jefferson and Lincoln) are carved in granite stone for all to see in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The facial sculptures are nearly 60 feet tall. Construction began back in 1927 and the faces were completed by 1939. The Mount Rushmore National Park is gorgeous, I will always remember.
From South Dakota, we are on our way to Yellowstone National Park which is so large it covers parts of 3 states (Idaho, Montana & Wyoming). Driving in these states really shows you the beauty of these states with mountains, pastures and and trees.

Nothing prepares you for Yellowstone and the geothermal "hot springs" that bubble from underneath. There are over 10,000 formations and at least 500 natural geysers.

You feel small compared to the size of these natural wonders. You can feel mother nature, see the power of mother nature. We all know there have been plenty that suggested much greater earthquake activity for this area so it makes you think while you are there.
Bubbling pools of hot water ready to blow are abundant throughout the park.

The more you see, the more your jaw just drops at the power of how nature creates these wonders.
You have plenty of other landscapes to photograph in Yellowstone. In this photo you can see the strata in the mountains and see how they were formed over the years.
It makes you wonder what it would like to live in this area and forget about city life. But, this visit is in the summer and winters are entirely different thing.
Love the landscape here with the mountain views.

These are definitely summer car trips. Turn off the cell phones, bring your camera and enjoy mother nature. Maybe look at adding these two places to your own bucket list. You won't be disappointed.

Thanks for reading.

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If one day I can travel to the United States I would love to do this route and visit Yellowstone Park.

The pictures you show seem like a place to dream and write. Kind regards

beautiful photo

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