Morning in Lithuanian wilderness: Camping with my wife and child!

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Once upon a time, there was a man who had a wife and a child. He spent many months working long hours, building those grain storage silos one after another, never being home. All this time he kept in mind that his lady was working twice as hard as she had to take care of their tiny little daughter which had indescribable capabilities of both, radiating joy, as well as breaking everything that was believed to be unbreakable.

The summer passed and autumn came when finally the man realized that by drinking sand the thirst can not be quenched. 'That is enough' he said. This couldn't last any longer as they needed to spend some time together. This is how they ended up in a remote Lithuanian wilderness. 

Some say that I was that man and the lady and the child were my wife and daughter. Maybe it's true, maybe it's not. Who knows. However, I must admit that what they did during that time sounds a little familiar. The lady took hundreds of pictures, the child radiated joy as well as carried out some mass destruction. The man cooked some simple foods, that were so spicy that could burn you from inside.

Lithuanian wilderness was as magical as they say. Maybe this is why they met so many foreigners camping by the same lake. Some of them were Germans, some of them were Czechs. Others, from other parts of the world. The spirits of the forest must have treated them well as they seemed happy and well-rested. After a few days, all the guests as well as locals left this magical place and returned home.

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