Kokopelli festival in the famous Vinetu Village!

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Vinetu village is an open-air museum, where history and legends come alive. Also, it is the home of some special people that I was blessed to meet almost three years ago. It was the end of the winter when I happened to pop up in the Vinetu village sauna for the first time.

Mindaugas Timinskas and his wife Jurgita are the ones that started building it many years ago. A lot has changed since those early days as now a huge part of work is done by their son Deividas. A man who, just like his father, carries flame in his eyes and strength in whatever he decides that has to be done.

Kokopelli is a festival that takes place every summer. The brightest souls from all over the land gather here to share their wisdom and light. Reiki, aromatherapy, dance therapy, sound meditation, traditional crafts, drum circle, walking on embers, standing on nails, sauna, and traditional 'sutartinės' are only a fraction of what Kokopelli is.

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