A virtual tour to Klaipėda City!

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'Dark' and 'cold' are yet some other synonyms of the city of Klaipėda during long months of Lithuanian winter. While Christmas morning came with a thick layer of snow, it vanished quickly after the holidays, leaving grey clouds and extremely high humidity behind it. Combined with low temperature, it makes you tremble.

Despite the harshness of the climate, Klaipėda has some indescribable charm. To me personally, it intensifies at the hours of dusk. This is when uncountable numbers of restaurants and cafes come to life. This is when that sea buckthorn that you may get in many local tea shops is the most delicious and smells absolutely the best.

To those who come here, options are limitless. They may choose to wander around some random streets of Klaipėda or take a ferry to the Neringa peninsula. To go to the zoo or to visit nearby towns and villages like Dreverna, Karklė, Palanga, or Vinetu village. To try some delicious foods at local restaurants or just sit and be with your thoughts in the cozy hotel room. Yes, sometimes it feels good to relax.

However, now is not the time to be lazy as I would like to invite you to a virtual tour of the Klaipėda Old Town. To the old town of the city that is the third biggest one in Lithuania. The old town of the city that has the only port in the country. The old town of the city that is deservedly called the jewel of Western Lithuania. At the end of the tour - some Samogitian music that may heal your soul...

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