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Today's very special episode is the first from a new Florida series and this one does not let up! If you've never been to St. Augustine I highly recommend it! A lot of fun stuff to do, lots of shopping and food. After some sight seeing, we spent some time in the Pirate Treasure Museum learning about pirate history and even checking out legit sunken treasure! Even got some treasure of my own. We then checked out the historical Castillo De San Marco Fort, however due to the "situation" we could not go in.

Make sure to watch til the end as we even go to the area's most haunted attraction: the Dark of the Moon ghost tour, where we not only learned about the historical light house's hauntings, but even got to do a little exploring and investigating of our own! I never anticipated finding any kind of evidence while I was there, but was completely SHOCKED when I went through the footage months later.

So please if you hear or see anything I didn't, leave a comment below! Furthermore, I will be releasing the full tour and investigation Raw and uncut so you can all investigate with me, so be on the lookout for the follow up video!

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