The wooden quaint Jiji Railway Station

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On the way to Xitou, I stopped at Jiji Railway Station, a station with a lovely name. It is said that it was named because it used to be a living materials exchange point. The railway station has a history of nearly 100 years. During the 921 earthquake, the railway station was seriously damaged. After reconstruction, it is more popular than before!

There is a ordinary locomotive outside the train station. Many train stations will put a locomotive at the door. However, if you just ignore it, you will miss a very interesting thing!

There were no clocks in Jiji Town in the old time, and all villager depend on the train station to tell them the time! The locomotive will play music once an hour, at that time smoke will come out of the chimney, as if the train is going to be driven, very interesting! Don’t miss it!

There is a railway museum next to the train station. You can learn about the history of Jiji there, and also introduce the characteristics of Taiwan’s railway travel routes. For example, Jiji Line was an important route for transporting engineering materials and agricultural products, and the last stop is Checheng.

In addition to the nostalgic steam locomotive behind the Railway Museum, there is also a World War II tank!

Nowaday, the old train station is still full of people every day! Most of the people who come to Jiji by train are tourists, not only to see the quaint railway station, but also to visit the smallest Jiji town in Nantou. It is said that the small town was only reclaimed during the Qing Dynasty. It was still a barren mountainous area before.

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