Singapore Airport, an airport that you won’t get bored even stay whole day

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I went to Australia a few years ago and needed to stay at Singapore Changi Airport for 16 hours. I walk around the airport ,even stay such a long time ,but I didn’t feel bored , just my legs got tired!

In addition to the necessary airport facilities, there are also gardens, cinemas, SPA, massagers, butterfly gardens, etc., which can be treated as an travel spot!

First of all, the airport is full of flowers and plants, which are decorated like a garden, visitors can enjoy tropical flowers and plants even in an air-conditioned environment!

The Butterfly Garden is the world’s first butterfly garden in an airport! When you enter the garden, there will be many butterflies dancing around you, it is easy to take pictures of beautiful butterflies!

The park is full of tropical plants and rockery waterfalls. Several areas are also set up for tourists to watch the life habits of butterflies. It is possible to see the moment the butterflies emerge from their cocoons!

The sunflower garden is located outdoors, it will be very hot when you go out. Better to visit at night ,it will be cooler, and the garden is also beautiful under the light!

There is a shuttle bus between the three terminals, but it is not far to walk, and you can see different scenery. If you are tired, there are foot massagers everywhere, and they are free!

If you are hungry, eat something at the Singapore Food Street, exchange a little Singapore Dollar, and then charge into the card. All shops in the food court do not accept cash but this card. You can return the money if there have money left after the meal~

This laksa is only SGD 7.5, not expensive, and with two big shrimps~

In addition to the above pastimes, there is also a free cinema in the airport. It will take an hour or two to watch a movie! If you don’t want to spend so long time at the airport, you can also take a day trip to Singapore, which is also free! I found that Singapore is really small but beautiful!

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