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An hour from Strasbourg is the hotel for the next two days. We left Strasbourg at 9.30 after a great stay. We recommend this to all , the stay in the historic city and than to waterpartij RULANTICA AND in EUROPA PARK. Its in Rust in Germany. We checked in the Bell Rock hotel and will be in the water fun world park today. The drive up there was good and the weather is great. This is our next home till Monday
This is our next home till Monday

After two days of history and visiting old buildings it’s the kids turn to have fun, and with all the water slides and the outside pools it’s nice for me too. This is a park that has something for everyone.

Last year November the new water world of the German amusement park, Rulantica, opened next to Europa-Park which we visited three years ago with all the kids on our way to Italy. Its in Rust, Germany. And the second amusement park in that town. Like we now see perfectly combined with a great visit to one of the towns you would otherwise never visit. And close to the French and Swiss borders.

The waterpark has nine themed areas that are all about water fun.  The complex stands on a plot of 45 hectares and includes a hotel in addition to a large indoor swimming attraction park. We booked not that hotel but one in Europa Park itself but a shuttle bus will take us there. 

Some history I found online on the website by Rulantica and it’s tourist bureau. The Rulantica project consists of different phases;  the immense site close to the A5 motorway between Karlsruhe and Basel will be developed step by step in the last few years.  The eye-catcher of the first phase is a shell-shaped building of no less than 32,600 square meters, with a roof of eleven thousand square meters, of which two thousand square meters are glass.  Five wooden trusses, each 87 meters long and weighing 85,000 kilos, carry the roof.  In the immense hall, 3,200 guests can simultaneously enjoy 25 attractions, including 17 water slides, a wave pool, a wild river and a stream that guests can float on a pool.  Rulantica can receive 5,000 visitors per day. Due to covid only people in the hotels will be allowed in and that will help a lot and will hopefully be not to crowded.

The nine themed zones of the new water attraction park have a Scandinavian theme.  The Trølldal theme area is intended for the smallest guests and Skog Lagoon is an oasis of peace, surrounded by pine trees and forests.  In the flooded "town" of Rangnakor, there are large slides "on stilts" built by the original inhabitants of Rulantica according to the corresponding story.  Skip Strand is an adventure playground with three semi-submerged three-masters and Vinterhal is characterized by a cave in a glacier.  The cave houses water slides and is guarded by the frozen sea snake Svalgur.  The themed area of ​​Lumåfals is home to charming mermaids that overlook a waterfall and wave pool.

Rulantica offers both calm and exciting water attractions.  The latter category undoubtedly includes the two free-fall slides Dugdrob and Vildfål.  When the trapdoor opens, the brave visitor shoots down at a speed of fifty kilometers per hour.  These two AquaRockets are each twenty meters high and together 110 meters long.  It goes quietly on the rippling river Snorri’s Saga, a floating tour on a 250-meter-long canal through the themed area of ​​Trølldal.  The eye-catcher in Lumåfals is the enormous wave pool Surf Fjørd.

The slides in Rulantica all have imaginative Nordic names, such as Översnurra and Överstor.  Children's slide Översnabb starts from the deck of the stranded steamboat Vågstycke.  Young visitors can also explore the semi-sunken sailing boat Nordstjernan.  Already visible from the outside of the immense building are the two water slides Hugin and Munin.  The visitors can compete for the fastest time on double tires.

In the twenty meter high hall there are 1,700 sun beds and eight exclusive cabanas where families can make themselves comfortable.  In the nearly one hectare outdoor area that bears the name Vildstrøm, there are also five hundred sunbeds around an outdoor pool and along the wild river.  The water park has 200 changing rooms, including 40 that can accommodate a whole family, and some 3,500 lockers.  The first phase of Rulantica cost the sweet sum of 150 million euros, making it the largest project ever carried out by Europa-Park.

An extensive storyline has been devised for Rulantica.  Behind this water world is a rich history developed by sister company Mack Media.  Rulantica tells the story of two orphans who hide in a natural history museum and from there make a journey to a legendary island in the far north of Europe.  The origin of the story lies in the also new hotel Krønasår, which is themed as a museum.  The history of Rulantica and the experiences of the two children are told in three books that will be published by the German publisher Coppenrath Verlag.

The idea to devise an extensive storyline around the northernmost region of Europe has been around for some time.  There had already been several brainstorming sessions between the creative minds of Europa-Park and the people of the publishing house in Münster.  The question was where the adventurous stories that would be bundled under the title Adventure Club of Europe (ACE) could find a place in the amusement park. Consideration was given to expanding the Scandinavian themed area or adding the storyline to the boat trip in Abenteuerland.  It was examined whether the lake near the ship swing Vindjamer offered enough space to convert the stories into reality.  Until Michael Mack came up with the idea of ​​linking the ACE stories to the planned water park.  There were already plans for theming the water park to be built - from Tibet and the Himalayas to the Vikings in Newfoundland, only the so often used theme "palms and beach" was taboo - but the decision had not yet been taken.  That happened quickly: both Europa-Park and Coppenrath Verlag were delighted with the idea of ​​linking the stories about the Adventure Club of Europe to the indoor water attraction park. In the foyer of Rulantica there is a café where all kinds of sweet treats are for sale and those who do not want to leave the water for a drink can visit a pool bar both inside and outside.  In addition, there are three shops for those who want to score a souvenir.


This is the pool with poolbar, yep mum sat there for a bit!
This is the pool with poolbar, yep mum sat there for a bit!

The lockers and keep watch system made it a streesless experience and payment at the end of the day was very handy. Inside and outside all was clean, very many staff to help and keep an eye on all. No mouthpieces but everywhere 1,5 meter between strangers. The food was very good and very diverse, and made fresh while you wait. We had a blast with the kids and they are knocked out in bed in the hotelbed right now. Ready for tomorrow’s new adventure. The photo is of the lockers and all is sponsored by Grohe so you see all kinds of bathroom stuff everywhere. Showerheads, old sinks and tabs. Because its only 11 months old nothing is bad , dirty or worn down. I give it 5 stars and the prize is good aswell. So again when you are in Germany or travelling there this is a great tip.

The best thing was the almost vertical slide for 4 persons. I will try to look up some of them in the site by Rulantica because I couldn’t bring my phone. For now this was my blog today, 

See you in another blog I am if to bed. 

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Blog Date : 9 August 2020

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