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The entrance of Europa park in Rust Germany, a kids dream!
The entrance of Europa park in Rust Germany, a kids dream!

We travelled to get to this fantastic wonderworld and kids dream, Europa Park. Go through all of Europe in one day.  It's all possible in Europa-Park!  And because CJ is turning 10 years and a teenager, he is boss for the day. We drove here in 6 hours from home but europe has more potential so travelling here can be done by car, plane and train. We are staying in Bell Rock Hotel and we will have two nights. We will have two dinners and two times a breakfast all on different themes. Before we leave for Switzerland and Italy. The rollercoasters and the water slides have been a topic for the kids convo’s the last three months.

CJ made this photograph with the lensball
CJ made this photograph with the lensball

The hotel I will do a separate blog for because it’s so nice I will do it separate. In the amusement park you walk through countries and their special features and architecture. We as hotel guests are allowed in before the park opens . Through the Black Forest you can walk from Greece to Portugal and from Iceland to Italy.  Along the way you will encounter dozens of attractions, including thirteen roller coasters. Because of the fact we were allowed in early, the hot weather and covid there were only 2000 people allowed in so that was a treat. Not much waiting time and with the kids thats great.  Normally it’s 5000 so some things are good in covid times. The mouthpiece is needed almost everywhere ! But thats almost a normal thing nowadays. 

Europa-Park is a family business owned by the South German Mack family.  Mack has a long tradition of building fairground and park attractions.  The first fairground caravan was built in 1780, followed by circus wagons from 1880. In 1921, the company constructed the first roller coaster.  In 1975 Mack opened a site where its own products were displayed and called it Europa-Park.  In the early years, the Alpine Express Enzian roller coaster and the log flume ride were the main attractions.  The visitors flocked in large numbers and the family continued to expand the park, mostly with attractions from Mack Rides' own firm. And in our hotel there were many paintings from Mack family members. And in the road there are Mack metal coins, so all people will know that sir Mack is the founder. 

The MACK coins are everywhere
The MACK coins are everywhere

Europa-Park is now one of the top three most visited parks on the European mainland.  The park in Rust, Germany has grown into a magnet for visitors, with more than five million guests every year.  The park is divided into seventeen themed areas, almost all of which have a European country as a source of inspiration.  In addition to Russia - with the spinning roller coaster Euro-Mir - and Scandinavia - where you can get wet in the round white water boats of Fjord Rafting - you will find Italy, Portugal, Spain and England. Euromir roller coaster in Europa-Park was the one we did at the end of the day because there all is explained from the outer space attempts from Russia. 

All the places were so detailed and fun, and again a Mack coin
All the places were so detailed and fun, and again a Mack coin

We entered the park through the special passage for the hotel guests and started our adventure in Spain.  We had special tickets and a stamp on our arm to go in and out. We had reserved breakfast at 10.30 so that we could fiets have two hours in the park and than a break. The spanish influences are in the food and the attractions in this part and my first vlog was made here. 

The park is all about that having the experience of a cheerful mixture of all kinds of typical architectural styles, such as Brandenburg Brick Gothic, Saxon Baroque, Franconian half-timbered and Weimar neoclassicism.  Right next to the German street - on a cozy square - is Voletarium, a "flying movie theater" in which visitors fly over 15 famous European landscapes and monuments while sitting in moving gondolas.

And I have to tell you the details EVERYWHERE ARE AMAZING ! Ofcourse we did the Volutarium aswell. Last time it’s was just opened the day before, but the kids were to small so only hubby and the two older kids went I . Now we all saw the flight with our own eyes. Really great experience.

We had drinks in Marthas Vineyrad
We had drinks in Marthas Vineyrad

Most and best attractions are in the zones France - such as the dark indoor rollercoaster Eurosat CanCan Coaster and one of Europe's highest roller coasters Silver Star, which after the section from 73 meters high largely races across the parking lot - and Greece, with the beautifully designed whitewater course Poseidon  and the interactive dark ride Abenteuer Atlantis. The boys loved that interactive one. 

The theme area Iceland was white and a winterwondeland with the Icelandic languyon the houses and crates that made it more real and included the spectacular loop roller coaster Blue Fire and the wooden roller coaster Wodan.  We went on that one in the mornyand I lost my mouthpiece because of the wind. In Whale Adventures - Splash Tours, visitors take a boat trip along the whales, rocky coasts and volcanoes of Iceland.  Every boat with eight people on board is equipped with water cannons.  And Ofcourse I targeted some dolfins and orcas !! In Switzerland, guests can ride the Matterhorn Blitz, a wild mouse roller coaster with a vertical lift, and race through an ice channel in the bob track.  

The have water all over the park and the fountains are moving to music.
The have water all over the park and the fountains are moving to music.

We of course visited theme: The Netherlands that is also represented in the park, with real poffertjes, a Friethuys and the fast carousel Koffiekopjes.  In the dark ride Piraten in Batavia, Bartholomeus van Robbemond goes on a hunt for the Vuurtijger, the mysterious dagger of Batavia.  Legend says that whoever owns the dagger is immortal. The details here on the characters were so real that the little children ( not mine anymore ) were thinking it’s real and not puppets. At 5 oclock we went to the hotel but we had a blast, the idea was to go back after a refreshing dive in the pool but we never made it. 

Always great to see my dutch blue coffecups.
Always great to see my dutch blue coffecups.

Reads about my cutch blue, in this post from the home front, being our older kids taking care of the house.

Like I imagined that we could leave home without worry , well let me tell you this is not true! And teenagers are aliens when it comes to taking care of whatever. Read my #thoughtfuldailypost, and maybe you will recognise something !

Bell Rock ROCKED, and the food was fantastic!!
Bell Rock ROCKED, and the food was fantastic!!

If you want to have a great time and if you are underway to Italy, Switzerland or Germany this is great to stop at. And make a child dream come true! I would rate this hotel and the park a : 9,5 ⭐️ because even in Covid-19 times they perform like true professionals, and the hot weather didnt seem to bother them.

The food was very nice and for the children there are so many possibilities. For every wallet there is something and you are allowed to bring your own food with you the park. The beverage bars are very nice and the cocktail menu i tried and it was tempting, so tempting that this morning I felt like a fallen rockstar.

Thanks for stopping by, its appreciated and remember focus on being creative instead of being bee-zy.

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Blog Date : 10 august 2020 

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