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This is the cheese market Gouda Centre, from city 2019
This is the cheese market Gouda Centre, from city 2019

The 65th edition already of the Gouda by Candlelight is today December 11, 2020 but little we know it wasn’t possible due to the corona measures and will not take place. That is why a different form has been chosen by the county and the mayor, but the celebration will be online. With a movie for the kids. I will add that clip of us watching later.

Gouda by Candlelight will celebrated differently this year due to the ongoing corona crisis. But ofcourse there is the beautiful tree.

  • Friday 11 December from 7 to 8 pm the Christmas film 'We carry the light' will be shown for all both inside and outside visibl;e, and in the shops the televisions will be on that movie aswell. 

A nice 'feel-good' film with the special children's mayor Ruben Mourik in the lead role about 65 years of Gouda by Candlelight. We as dutch and locals ( its south holland ) are proud of this celebration.   You can also see it on TV West and on livestreams that become available here from TV West and Gouwestad TV.

The big Christmas tree on the Market is not be missing, as all 64 years before. Unfortunately, there is no way like last year to be up close even with a mouth cap only 30 people can be near,  but the church and the tree brings the city center into a Christmas atmosphere. The tree always arrives from Kongsberg Norway on December 7th and until the first week of January 2021 you can visit the city and admire the giant tree, but again take into account corona measures about routes, transport and the distance of 1.5 meters from each other, we all have to stay safe! 

Already 64 times, the municipality of Gouda received a large Christmas tree from Kongsberg in Norway. Gouda and Kongsberg have been sister cities since 1956.

Sawing the tree of Gouda by candlelight The “park service or forestry” of Kongsberg selects a suitable tree in the autumn. It is always assumed that a tree needs to be at least 18 to approx 24 meters high. The tree is sawn in the mid of November. He is then hoisted onto a low-loader and gets a sign stating that this tree is intended for the mayor of Gouda. So cool that that present comes for the main man in the city. The truck transports the tree to the port of Brevik (in the south of Norway) very early in the morning before rush hour (due to the large size). In the harbor the tree is hoisted onto a boat. From there the journey goes to Immingjam in England and than to Rotterdam. From the harbour again with a truck to the cheese market in Gouda.

The festive lights will be on every night and in the Netherlands the darkness falls in at 17.00 and the shops, and i love the christmas themed shops will put their best foot forward in their Christmas-themed shops full of beautiful gifts, and spread the cheerful spirit of christmas  Thats why I drove the 30 minutes this afternoon because I always  bring home the best gifts from Gouda. And this 65-year historic event and giant tree and probably the oldest light evening tradition in the Netherlands. An exhibition has been put together about that rich history, with photos and stories. The route takes you past nine locations in the city center. And take you along side the shops that are a must see for Dutchies but also for tourists.

This is the church of Gouda 

The exhibition will open December 12 so we were a day to early and because of the covid rules we won’t go back tomorrow that is to busy, Saturdays in Gouda always are ! So not going there!

I lighted three candles in the part where the church has a great place to remember and said a little prayer.
I lighted three candles in the part where the church has a great place to remember and said a little prayer.


But for christmas presents I found the special shops in the streets around the church 


















I also bought three special vandals for the people we lost this year and the previous year.

I bought two special big ball christmas ornaments, I bought two pots and I bought two old keys, as a present to unlock the new year, as a present to hubby , we don’t do big gifts, we do special little reminders to what is coming , what we have and what we wish for. 





It is always nivce to visit the city of cheese, if you ever have the opportunity do visit Gouda. You will love it!


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Blog Date : 11 december 2021


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