Of the Story Behind the Beauty of the Island of Aceh and Sabang

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Our journey to Aceh starts from Soekarno Hatta Airport and ends at Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport.

The journey then continued by crossing using a wooden boat from Ulee Lheue Port to Lamteng Harbor, Nasi Island.

This is where the beginning of our story begins, the first day of arriving in Pulo Aceh, our goal is to follow the beach clean activities organized by the Friends of the Sea Community.

From the beginning I had extraordinary expectations of the natural beauty of the Aceh sea at the western tip of Indonesia.

Together with friends from Sahabat Laut we were eager to participate in the whole series of activities from the briefing to the implementation of the activity.

This is the first time I have participated in a beach clean activity which in Aceh means "Peugleuh Pasie".

Meeting and getting acquainted with friends of Friends of the Sea made a special impression on me. They all came from Banda Aceh and the majority were social activists.


On the second day, there were 22 of us divided into 3 groups. Each group received a 3 meter wide beach location and was given 2 hours to collect as much plastic waste as possible.

After the plastic waste is collected, we sort and choose the plastic waste based on the type and brand.

Unexpectedly and unexpectedly, it turns out that on the mainland of Deudap Beach, which is our clean-up location, many brands of plastic bottles from abroad such as Thailand, Maldives, Myanmar, Malaysia, China , and even brands originating from France .

The rubbish was carried to the coast of Indonesia due to the east monsoon. Maybe if the west monsoon arrives, the garbage can return to the sea, huhu ...


The heat of the sun and the heat that burns the skin does not fade our enthusiasm to continue the beach clean activities until the afternoon arrives.

Plastic bottles that have been sorted and selected, we weigh and produce a weight of approximately 90 kg.

After dealing with plastic rubbish, my friends and I left foot from Deudap Beach to go to the lighthouse, which is not far from Deudap Beach.

Initially I was used to hearing the term flare light, in my heart I thought most were just ordinary electricity poles with a view of the sea too.

But it turns out that behind the flare lights hidden extraordinary natural beauty.

The rocks that lined up stretched out facing the vast ocean and in the middle of the rock tucked into green grass which was truly amazing to the eye.

From the rocks we can see the vast sea and Weh Island which are clearly visible from this view point .

But again, that beauty is tainted by plastic waste from nowhere.


Then we switched positions again to Lhok Mata Ie Beach, but unfortunately the sky was cloudy blocking the sun to show its light.

We failed to get the evening dusk, even though from Lhok Mata Ie beach we could have seen the dusk clearly.

Finally, we all decided to go home and chose to rest in the people's homes.

Oh yes, we live in a resident's house not far from the port of Lamteng. In the evening we continue the evening session of intimacy (makrab) with roasted corn, because that night was our last night in Pulo Nasi.

The next day, a wooden boat with a very small size with approximately 100 people picked us up at 8:15 in the morning.

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