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For some reason, there are quite a number of Vietnamese restaurants in Leipzig... perhaps it has something do with the shared East German and North Vietnamese political history? It is something that I find slightly odd, but I should look into it a bit more closely...

Anyway, I do visit Leipzig relatively often... but over the years, I've found that the traditional German foods have started to play havoc with my stomach. I'm not entirely sure what it is, but the slightly oily nature of the heavily meat based pork dishes and something about the sauerkraut in large quantities can disagree with my aging digestive system.

So, I find that I often have to space out the heavier meals... and I find that one of the best ways to do that is to intersperse some Asian style meals. Somehow, I find the rice filled dishes to be quite settling for the stomach.

So, I was quite happy to try out Hanoi Cuisine, which is very close to the Hauptbahnhof in Leipzig, on the main walking street between the station and the main shopping street.

The Space


There is a good amount of outdoor seating which might be preferred during the warmer months. Leipzig is landlocked, and so when it gets hot... it can be quite uncomfortably warm and stuffy indoors.

However, when I was here, it was a little bit cold and windier outside with the hint of rain to come. So, I chose to eat indoors... where I could also just back up into a corner and read my comics in peace without the possibility of running into colleagues on a busy corner of the city!

The indoors are quite pleasant to sit in, and if many people are on the outdoors sections, then it also nice and quiet as well!

The Menu

In what won't be much of a surprise, the menu features completely Vietnamese dishes. Actually, in Europe... this isn't always guaranteed, with many Asian restaurants featuring dishes from all OVER Asia. Which is ludicrous when you think about it...

So, to have a menu that features only a national menu is reassuring. You have faith that they are not trying to be something that they can't be!

Jump to the next section to see what I had ordered... something completely and utterly new for me! Something that I'm inspired to try and learn how to make when I am at home!







The Food


My big discovery for the tour! Mango curry! I love it... I looked it up, and it doesn't seem too tricky to make up... however, to do it well will be a different matter. But I'm really curious to try to cook this sweet curry...

... and of course, I've paired it with my all time favourite meat. Duck... and it is fried, so that is the the concession that my stomach will have to make!

I can't describe how stunningly good this was! The duck was lovely and crispy, and the mango curry was just sweet (not sickly...) and made it a pleasure to eat the vegetables that were hidden under the duck! A great mix of veggies as well... including asparagus!


Another nice discovery was this homemade drink, the Miss Saigon. Such a refreshing drink that was nicely paired with the curry. A lime based drink set off with peppermint and ginger! Another thing to try and recreate at home, this would be the perfect summer drink!

The Experience

Wow, I'm really happy that I stopped in to try this place! Normally I shy away from the places that are on busy streets... especially if it is difficult to get private seating. However, I was so curious about this particular restaurant, and I'm so fond of Vietnamese cooking... and it is SO hard to get good Asian food in Europe, that I just had to try it out... just in case it was good!... and it WAS GOOD! So good, that I stopped in a few more times before my time in Leipzig was up!

Opening Times

Monday 11am–10pm
Tuesday 11am–10pm
Wednesday 11am–10pm
Thursday 11am–10pm
Friday 11am–10:30pm
Saturday 11am–10:30pm
Sunday 11am–10pm

Contact Details

Address: Brühl 54, 04109 Leipzig, Germany
Phone: +49 341 46257868
Website: hanoi-leipzig.de

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