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Hi Friends and Family of Travel Feed.. I hope you all are doing good. Today I am going to share my experience of travelling to Naraan City. The most beautiful and most visited city in summer season. Naraan City is a very beautiful city of Mansehra District. Mansehra district is a very beautiful district and is full of many tourist spots which are always full with tourists from different parts of the world. If you guys ever want to travel here I can guide you and I can be your travel guide as well.. You cannot go to Main Naraan City because the roads are closed due to snowfall. But can enjoy beautiful scenes around. So lets see the natural beauty of Naraan City. Hilly area so roads are a bit dangerous but awesome views around.Hilly area so roads are a bit dangerous but awesome views around. City of Pines.City of Pines.

Naraan is a very beautiful city and is full of pine trees and river alongside the road as well.. Naraan city is very famous because of Lake Saif al Malook. This lake is in the heart of mountains and has many stories regarding some mysteries. I will let you guys know about those stories in my some other blog where I will also show some of the images of that Lake Saif Al Malook.

A city full of pine trees and natural scenes. Spring season is starting and its going green everywhere. I hope you guys love the natural scenes in this blog

I have captured some closeups of beautiful butterflies and flowers which I am going to post here, I hope you guys will love it.

That's all from this blog. I hope you guys will love this blog. Like it and share it with your friends, and don't forget to leave your reviews about it in the comment box. 

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