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Hi Friends and Family. I hope you all are doing good. 

I was away from internet from couple of months that is why i have not posted anything on hive and steem platforms..

I am going to show you guys some really beautiful tiny flowers of the open nature. II went outside today and found some really beautiful tiny flowers as it is spring season started in my home country Pakistan. 

How Beautiful is this. Rate it.How Beautiful is this. Rate it.

I found this beautiful tiny yellow flower right outside of my home and I captured it with my smartphone to make it a beautiful memory.

I hope you guys will love it. Showing you some more clicks as well

This is also the same type of flower but  a different one and captured from a different angle. Lush green outside now and yellow flowers looks so beautiful inside that grass. 

Showing you guys some more amazing clicks as well

This picture is a bit older, I captured it 2 months ago I think. But it looks so beautiful that's why I am posting it here for you guys. I hope you guys will love the beauty of nature and appreciate my photography. I am learning. I am not a professional photographer and I am capturing these images with my smart phone. 

Another multi color beautiful flower for you guys.. It looks amazing to watch. captured with my Huawei Phone. The pure green leaves and multi shaded flower looks amazing to watch. I hope you guys will love it. 

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