The Beautiful Keswick Town and nearby Derwentwater Cruise

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HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Gather round, all you good people. Lend me your ears and your eyes because I have a tale to tell. Have you ever heard of a majestic town known as Keswick..? No. Well, allow me to acquaint you


You will find Keswick nestled between the northern hills of The Lake District. A picturesque town yet to be spoiled by modern-day life. A place where you have to purchase a Corgi before being allowed to buy a house. In Keswick, they only serve scones with clotted cream, the residents refuse to eat anything else. And if you dare drink from a glass without sticking out your little finger there are dire consequences - I've been told there's a miniature guillotine in the town hall and every Sunday afternoon the town folk fill the hall to watch the foolish have their offending fingers removed -


Those who follow the rules will no doubt enjoy visiting Keswick, it is truly a beautiful town. However, you can expect to have your wallets emptied by venturing inside any souvenir shop, of which there are many. But this is a part you must play and the sweet little dear behind the counter will always milk you with a smile, so just be polite and go with the flow. After all, it takes money to maintain a town such as this and once you're wise to the game you can embrace the rest of the day in a more frugal way by enjoying what's really on offer...

Surrounded by beauty


Take a stroll down the hill and you'll find yourself at Derwentwater, a large lake enclosed within hills and steep rock faces. Here you breathe easy and forget about all your troubles.


A visit to Keswick would be wasted if you departed without enjoying a boat ride. Regular tour-boats set sail throughout the day taking you on a graceful journey around the lake.


For a very reasonable price, you can climb aboard one of the large boats and be carried across the water to witness the spectacular views. Overlooked by the hills and cliff-faces, you soon realise that you're somewhere quite special.







Safely back to shore, you can disembark feeling revitalized and slightly more at ease with the souvenir-shop shakedown you experienced earlier that day. All that's left to do now is to find a good coffee shop/pub and enjoy some refreshments(Just don't forget to stick out your little finger!)

Hope you've all enjoyed this tour of Keswick. Don't forget to come find me and other great travel bloggers on Pinmapple or at the #haveyoubeenhere community page.

pic soured from Pinmapple website

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