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Loji Beach, Sukabumi-IndonesiaLoji Beach, Sukabumi-Indonesia 

Hi travelfeed, maybe the holidays during the current pandemic are too difficult, and it takes time for us to find out which locations are good for us to visit, and not too crowded, and safe for us.

Located in the southern part of the city of Sukabumi Indonesia, this beach has the name loji beach, a friendly beach, which has waves that are not too big. And this is the place I chose on vacation a few months ago, with some of my siblings.

This beach is not too crowded, because of its location far from the city, and transportation that is difficult to reach makes tourists reluctant to visit it. but bring a private two or four-wheeled vehicle to get here

Before we arrive at this beach we will pass through natural scenery, such as rice fields and others.

Rice field portraitRice field portrait

It took 4 hours to get here, using a two-wheeled vehicle from the city of Sukabumi-Indonesia, when I got to the beach I was greeted with a natural natural atmosphere, and very good for taking the best beach photos. atmosphere, both close to the waves and big corals,

Far away is no reason for us to enjoy the beauty of nature, only with our desire to be able to see the beauty of the world.

#photography#photography  by © @amuchtarby © @amuchtar

Those are some of my stories some time ago, which might become a vacation destination in the current pandemic era. But take care of your health, use a mask when traveling.

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