Thunder and lightning

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Storm in Crimea

Today in the news I heard about the raging elements in the Crimea.

I immediately remembered how I found myself in the epicenter of a terrible thunderstorm in the Crimean city of Koktebel. I stood on the balcony of the house, and the rain was gushing around and lightning glittered in the darkness.

This was really scary. Thunder of lightning rang out immediately after the flashes. There was a feeling that a war was going on around. One of the lightning struck a wiring pole. There was a great pillar of sparks. It seemed to me that lightning could hit me and this fear drove me back under the roof. But I had to drive this fear into the very depths and get a tripod and a camera.

After I took out my camera and got ready to shoot, the fear subsided somewhat.

The rain fell in circles. Thunder and lightning were first in front of me, then shifted to the left, then thundered after me and then returned in front of me, as if on a stage.

It is interesting that my thoughts about the tragedy were not accidental. I learned that after this terrible thunderstorm, people died in the mountains that I photographed with lightning.

And now, when information comes about the flood in Kerch, thoughts arise that someone may die. Moreover, I was in the city of Kerch after the first flood this year. I was a week after Kerch was flooded.

For a week, the city was put in order, but some sections were still closed. And now, the flood again.

There are no mountains in the Kerch region, perhaps not large ones ... but there are lowlands in which water accumulated. As a result, many cars and houses were flooded.

In the vicinity of Kerch there were many villages that also suffered from the disaster.

And I must say that the rain came suddenly. I remember how the morning of that day, when I stood under lightning on the balcony of a house in Koktebel, the weather was completely cloudless. There was sun and blue sky. Nothing foreshadowed trouble.

Thunderstorms follow me. On my last trip to Crimea, I again got into a thunderstorm. It was on the western coast of Crimea. This time it was not the lightning in the hail that scared me anymore. I was afraid for my car. But everything went well. My car was not damaged.

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