The reborn Russian village

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Not far from Kostroma

Kostroma is a very small city, but rich in attractions. Tourists who come to the city find Kostroma very attractive for visiting. There are important historical sites in the city itself. Of great importance for tourists is our famous Ipatiev Monastery in which Mikhail Romanov, the first king of the dynasty that ruled Russia for more than 300 years, was married to the kingdom.

A short distance from Kostroma there are still important and interesting objects that attract tourists. For example, near the city there is a place where moose are bred. This place is called: loosefarm.

If you go in the same direction as the moose farm, you can get to the village of Krasnoe-on-Volga. This is a very famous place throughout Russia. There are very developed traditions of jewelry production. From ancient times, silver and copper products were made there, which were often of a religious nature. These are different crosses, images, salaries for icons.

Today, traditions continue in Krasnoe-on-Volga. It is one of the main centers of Russia for the production of gold and silver.

Many wealthy industrialists who have built up their capital by trading in precious stones and jewelry make a feasible contribution to their native places and restore old villages and improve life in them.

A little further down the Volga from the village of Krasnoe-on-Volga there is just such a village. This village is called Rusinovo.

This name is quite common in Russia. Emphasis, by the way, on the first syllable.

This village was raised from ruins and oblivion by a Moscow resident who gradually turned the dying wilderness into a real holiday.

The village was built in 2000. First, it was necessary to make the road, so that there was the opportunity to arrive by ordinary car. Then the improvement of infrastructure - electricity and water supply. Huge work has been done but now the village has come to life. Locals got a job. Somehow they began to improve their homes and improve everything around.

I had to fight with human vices. For example, the drunkenness of the locals was a big problem. But here they managed to win somewhere by persuasion, somewhere by treatment.

With the support of an intelligent and hardworking person, the village has turned into a place where an ordinary tourist should come.

In addition to ordinary houses in the village, other buildings were built. Mill, a church with a bell tower, unusual houses for tourists.

An interesting playground was built for children. It is especially pleasant that everything is done with soul and love.

These beautiful places have become the venue for the music festival. And in the village Russian national holidays are held, for example, Ivan Kupala. By the way, on July 6 everyone is invited to this particular holiday.

And here there is a museum of Russian life, Russian swings, interesting wooden figures.

Two figures are standing at the entrance to the village. They guard the entrance and at the same time, they meet with bread and salt.

I think I will definitely go.

And I drank water right here from a column on the street. That is exactly what I did in childhood.

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