The city of Sudak

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Fortress by the sea

The next place of our trip to Crimea was the city of Sudak. It is a city on the Black Sea coast. There is the city of Kerch - this is one of the most ancient cities in the world, then the city of Sudak is a little younger.

Historians say that the city in this place was founded in the 2-3 century BC, which, of course, is also a very, very long time ago.

The city had good trade opportunities as a port. The city grew rich and by the 10th century AD became one of the most important cities on the trade route from Asia to Europe - the so-called "silk road".

With the development of the city, a fortress appeared in it. Over the long history of this city, many peoples owned it and they all needed a fortress, so the construction did not stop.

In 1365 the Genoese came to the city. For a long time they became the owners of the fortress, and therefore today we call the Sudak fortress the Genoese one.

Our camp was located right under the walls of the ancient fortress. When I left my room, I had a view of the fortress. It was impressive.

After walking a little along the walls, one could be on the main embankment of the city of Sudak. By the way, when the fortress and the city were owned by the main rivals of the Genoese at sea - the Venetians, they called the city Soldaya. In the line of one of the famous wineries there is a wine with this name. Very good.

The city's waterfront is full of entertainment. Street trading here represents whatever you want. Lots of cafes, snacks for all tastes and wallets. And a lot of people. The city is located in a bay and in fact the entire bay is a large beach along which the embankment runs.

This is how almost all the coastal cities of Crimea and maybe the whole world look like.

The beach is both sandy and pebble.

The bay is framed by beautiful rocks, along which paths for walking are laid. This is a very inspiring place, especially if there were a little fewer people.

Still, I prefer that there is a lot of free space and a sense of freedom around.

Of course, I understand that if I came here in October or March, there would be no one here. Maybe it is worth going to the Crimea somehow out of season. I very often hear that Crimea is best visited in winter. Maybe this is really so?

In the meantime, it's summer outside, I enjoy the warm sun and the ancient stones of the fortress in Sudak, Crimea.

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