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Nice beaches of Crimea

One fine morning we woke up and decided to go and look for some beautiful beach. I wanted to see soft fine sand and clear sea water. And also, that there would be few people on the beach.

It would seem that such conditions contradict one another and it will not be easy to find such a place on the Black Sea coast in Crimea. But worth a try. Moreover, sometimes discoveries happen and you can find something new and interesting, which you did not notice before, having it right under your nose.

On various maps on the Internet, I saw that on the western coast of Crimea there is a long sand spit called the Kosa Belyaus. It is divided into two parts by a strait that flows into Lake Donuzlav. When you look at the map, this lake looks more like a bay.

It turned out that there was no strait before. The spit separated the lake from the Black Sea along the entire length of the lake. In the Soviet post-war years, it was decided to create a deep strait, so that ships could enter the lake.

Probably, this was done so that it would be possible to export in large volumes the sand that was mined here on the lake.

Now the Belyaus spit breaks in the very middle and it is no longer possible to drive along the sea. Now you need to go around Lake Donuzlav, making a rather large detour.

We came to the strait from the west. Along the entire spit there were camps for people with tents. These are real savages. Such people really like to rest in a tent with all the everyday difficulties. But this primal sense of unity with nature is amazing. The fact that at night you can calmly see the stars, because no one shines with lanterns and does not bother you, is worth a lot.

We went to the beach. This is a really beautiful beach. Clear water, sand, azure sea.

There are not many people on the beach. This is the perfect place if you are looking for some privacy.

The width of the spit at its narrowest point is probably about 100-200 meters. On the side of Lake Donuzlav, the shore is overgrown with sedge. The lake water is very warm. There is a port near the strait on the side of the lake. This port was formerly called Port Sand. Sand mining is not carried out today. The port has lost its significance.

While we were walking along the spit, the wind caught up with clouds and a thunderstorm began. Lightning flashed at first across the lake, but then clouds began to press from the southeast and soon heavy drops of rain began to drum on the roof of our car. We set off on the return journey. On the way, we got to the epicenter of a thunderstorm, where the rain was replaced by hail. Visibility dropped to almost 5 meters.

The light of lightning snatched the local landscape out of the darkness of the clouds. It was scary.

But 20 minutes passed and the rain subsided. We drove on, enjoying the fresh air after the exhausting heat.

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