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Just before the beginning of winter, before the snow fell, I ended up in the city of Suzdal.

I have written about this wonderful place more than once and do not get tired of telling and showing again and again. This time we decided to stay in the city itself for the night. It so happened that we went to Suzdal late in the evening. When we arrived in the city it was already night time. Dark but very beautiful. You could see the stars in the sky.

On the one hand, we were lucky with the weather, but not so much on the other. First, it got very cold at night. Apparently, the atmospheric pressure began to rise and in the morning, instead of clouds and clouds, a blue sky and a bright sun appeared in the sky.

While I was driving to Suzdal from Kostroma, I watched a beautiful sunset. Autumn is a unique time in Russia, where wilting is so spectacular and spectacular.

In Suzdal, we rented a room in a guest house. It's not even a room in a part of a multi-room house. The house is large and wooden. It is maintained and served by two people - a husband and wife. They are artists who have been to many places, traveled half the world and finally settled in the city of Suzdal. They did not own the house, but did all the work of accommodating temporary residents and maintaining the house.

By the way, it should be noted that living in Suzdal is very expensive. Since Suzdal is a city-museum, the prices here are quite museum-like.

Especially in the summer, hotel prices skyrocket. In autumn, just before winter, it is not the season for tourism and prices are reduced. That's why I managed to rent a part of the house not very expensive.

By the way, living in a wooden house is a different story. The house is alive. It has many different sounds. Somewhere something creaks, somewhere it knocks, somewhere something smells.

In the morning we went to the city. Walking around this wonderful place in good weather is a great pleasure.

True, this time, instead of walking along the beaten paths, we went through the bushes and paths. These are new angles and a new look at the city-museum of Suzdal.

The Kamenka River, which winds through the city, is surrounded by water meadows. These meadows are bounded by ramparts and monastery walls.

These meadows are overgrown with grasses. In the fall, these tall grasses are all yellow and look very pretty as they sway in the breeze. And along the banks of the river there are many wild apple trees strewn with red fruits. This is very impressive, since there are almost no leaves on the trees.

All this splendor of autumn nature is complemented by the domes of ancient temples. Together, this creates a unique ensemble.

If you have a chance to visit the city of Suzdal, do not use it. You must visit this place if you want to feel the Russian spirit.

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