Novy Svet.

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One of the most beautiful places in Crimea

The Crimean mountains are not high, but there are very beautiful coastal cliffs among them. One of the most beautiful places in Crimea is the town of Novy Svet and the so-called Golitsyn trail.

In 1878, Prince Lev Sergeevich Golitsyn came to this place. He was so captivated by the beauty of these places that his heart remained here forever. At the time of his arrival in Crimea, Lev Sergeevich was 33 years old. This is the age of Christ. During these years, a person must decide on his main business. Golitsyn chose winemaking.

Golitsyn's main passion was champagne. He was engaged in this business all his life and achieved unique results. It was with the sparkling wines of the New World that the history of champagne in Russia began.

Prince Golitsyn was a very interesting person. By himself, he was of a heroic appearance, powerful, strong, with a voice - bass and with a lion's mane of hair. He was a joker and was very fond of wine. He drank and treated everyone around with champagne from his own fields.

Being in his estate in the Crimea in the very place where I was, Lev Sergeyevich liked to walk along the seashore.

It was he who found the very path that now bears his name. This trail is quite long and leads from the beach located in Novy Svet Bay and follows the sea through the cliffs to another remote beach.

Very beautiful cliffs are replaced by a juniper forest, which consists of very ancient trees. The trail leads through small and large grottoes, which in the old days were used as storage for wine.

And even earlier there were definitely places for gangs of robbers or pirates. These are very unusual places. Caves and grottoes, sea and sun, ancient trees and nature.

I remember these places all the time. It was so wonderful there that I want to go back there again. And maybe I'll be back.

On our last trip to Crimea, I was in the city of Sudak. The new world is not far from this place. I even got there by car, but I was not able to walk along the famous trail, as my plans changed dramatically and I had to return to Sudak.

But I have been there more than once and I am happy that I have documentary photographic evidence of this fact.

This is a great place where I want to come back again.

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