Nerehta in winter snow

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Not far from my hometown of Kostroma is the ancient Russian city of Nerekhta. This is not at all a large settlement, but it has a large concentration of Russian Orthodox churches.

Nerekhta was a wealthy city at a certain point in its history. The main industry in these areas was salt mining.

By the way, one of the rivers flowing through the city is called Solonitsa.

Salt works were located along this river. They dripped water and mined salt.

Salt is a very important product of the Middle Ages. Salt helped save food, which was very important for that time. By the way, when Columbus set off on his journey in search of a way to India, one of the main tasks was the extraction of spices, pepper, all that is a way to preserve food.

But now we are talking about the city of Nerekhta.

I arrived in this city in the Russian snowy winter. Snow covered the city. The old building has been preserved in the central part.

This is a typical Russian provincial town.

In the city center you can see many interesting temples and houses. Since this is not the first time I have been in Nerekhta, and this is not the first time I have made a post about this place, today I will not write much about the name of which temple.

I just recommend everyone to come to Nerekhta from Kostroma to see the beauty of this region with their own eyes.

And I will continue to talk about what happened during my absence on the social network.

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