Most old white stone tample in Russia

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My travel story

A trip to Suzdal is always some kind of discovery. This time was no exception. When we spent the night in a large wooden house, we talked with the owners. During the conversation, we asked about the sights that are near the city of Suzdal.

The name Kideksha flashed in the conversation. This is a small village, which is located four kilometers from the city. This village is interesting because it has preserved one of the most ancient white-stone churches of Russia. If not to say that the most ancient.

The temple was built in 1152.

By the way, my native city of Kostroma was founded in the same year. In those days, Yuri Dolgoruky reigned in Russia.

This Prince was very famous for the fact that he cost a lot of cities and temples throughout Russia.

In the Vladimir region there is another place - the village of Bogolyubovo, in which a large monastery was built - the residence of Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky, who was the son of Yuri Dolgoruky.

But today we are talking about the village of Kideksha. We decided that we should definitely come and see with our own eyes what kind of first white-stone temple of Russia this is.

We found the village almost as soon as we passed the exit sign from the city of Suzdal. Indeed, it's very close.

The village is located along the road leading to the Nerl River. On the high bank of the river we saw a temple.

Of course, the feeling that this temple was almost 1000 years old added to the feeling of a miracle, but outwardly this building did not cause delight.

Walking around the temple and examining the walls, it became clear that not all of them were preserved in their original form. The dome and drum on the roof of the cathedral were also not new.

There is a museum inside the temple. In some corners, paintings have been preserved on the walls. The paintings date back to 1180. Surprisingly, some colors retained their brightness.

It is interesting that the name of the temple - Boris and Gleb - after the names of the first Russian holy brothers is not accidental. There is a version that in this place the brothers met on the way to Kiev to their father.

The Nerl river is visible from the territory of the temple. Nearby there is a bridge across the river and we went on foot to the other side of the Nerl to look at the temple from the side of the river.

The beautiful late one was very delightful in its withering.

And of course, such places as Suzdal, Vladimir and even the small village of Kideksha are the places where a real Russian society was formed. And that's why it's worth visiting.

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