Fishing on the Volga river.

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Fishing is a Late Summer Fun

I'm not a fisherman. I love fishing, but I very rarely manage to be on a river with a fishing rod or in a boat with a rod. As a child, I went fishing with an overnight stay with my grandfather and father. It was a whole adventure. At first we swam for a long time along the Volga River upstream. This was due to the fact that if the boat's engine fails, it will be much easier to get to the pier if you go up the river. The current can bring me back.

So, at first we swam for a long time up the Volga. Moreover, it was only then that it seemed to me that we were sailing very far. In fact, this is just a childish sensation. Today I understand that we swam for about an hour and the speed was about 20 kilometers per hour. And maybe even less.

But then it seemed to me that we were sailing for a very long time and the city disappeared from sight. This was the most important thing. The city was out of sight and we were in nature. Water, shore, forest and sky.

We went fishing in the afternoon. The plan was that in the evening you need to get to the fishing spot and spend the night. And early in the morning go to the fishing spot and anchor there.

Evening on the Volga in a boat. A fire on the shore, fishing with a float rod - these were the most wonderful moments of all my fishing. Grandfather and father drank vodka and talked. I was catching perches and everything that came across as long as the float could be discerned in the darkness of the night.

It was so wonderful that it is difficult to convey in words.

And then we went to bed right in the boat and I fell asleep and my father woke me up almost immediately. Because it was already morning and it was necessary to go to the place of big fishing on the river.

Morning has already come but the sun has not yet risen. There was only dawn over the river. Small fees and we are already looking along the Volga on a motor to the very place that we chose the day before.

We drop anchors and the current pulls us. When the boat has stopped, we lower the feeders and prepare the tackle. Each of us has our own donk rod.

And so, the bait is planted and the rods are lowered into the dark waters. Several minutes of waiting pass and here it is - the first bite. Bream is our goal.

Then for fishing we pulled out 10-15 kilograms of fish. A good bream weighed one kilogram or more.

Many years have passed since then. I haven't been fishing in a long time. And so it so happened that my father invited me to go fishing with him.

It is a great luck that I had time. Of course, I have a desire.

And so we went fishing like in the good old days. Only double.

And yet - we went fishing early in the morning. Hours at 4 in the morning. And we didn't have to go very far to the fishing spot. In all other respects, everything was the same.

The river water is still warm. Although the air is already cool, the water is still very warm.

While I was dipping the feeders into the water and putting the worms on the hooks, I dipped my hands into the water several times. Steam billowed over the water. The sun had not yet risen, but it was light.

I will not say that there was a very strong bite. Probably not, but the feeling of intrigue was in full. The bites were and did not let me get bored.

An amazing sense of anticipation.

And unity with nature.

Such fishing brings more warm communication with each other.

As a result, we caught a few bastards. By the way, after I fried them in oil, my family ate this fish with great pleasure.

Not bad at all for a change.

This whole story is an illustration of how you can spend time with us on the Volga. In the area of ​​the city of Kostroma and nearby. River trips, fishing, nature and beauty of our region - everything that any tourist can like.

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