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From Crimea with love

My vacation is over and now I have the opportunity to describe all the adventures and impressions that my vacation brought me in the form of a big trip to Crimea.

We will not discuss the territorial dilemma of Crimea's ownership. For me, this issue has been resolved. But the most important thing is that this issue has been resolved for the residents of Crimea.

So, I'll start my story from the moment I leave Kostroma. It is almost 2000 kilometers to the Crimean territory. The road is long and it is not advisable to cover this distance at one time. I figured out the route and decided that the most convenient way would be to use the toll highway. This road is called the Don route in honor of the large Russian river Don, which appears here and there along the road and sometimes crosses the route.

Driving along this road then Moscow to the south changes the landscape. Forests disappear and endless fields appear. All day from early morning I was driving and by ten o'clock in the evening I arrived in the city of Rostov-on-Don. It seems that I have almost arrived. On the map, the distance to Crimea is no longer at all great. But this is a deceiving sensation. You also need a fairly decent distance, but the speed limit is not so high anymore.

Small roads passing through small towns take a lot of time. And all this continues until I leave the highway leading to the Crimean bridge.

Everything is great here. The speed, the quality of the road, the pleasure of an early arrival.

And so, with a bright account of the day, I am driving along the famous Crimean bridge. By the way, some cars selectively slow down for inspection. The bridge guard monitors security. Once I was checked when I drove across this bridge for the first time.

This time nothing of the kind happened and I ended up in Crimea. The first thing I had to do was to go to the coast of the Azov Sea near the village of Shchelkino. This decision was due to the fact that after the natural disaster in the Crimea, it would have been better to avoid the Black Sea first. Large rains led to flooding and large flows of water washed into the Black Sea a huge amount of dirt, earth, and objects.

In addition, the water in the Azov Sea is much warmer.

I went to the Sea of ​​Azov and made the right decision. There was a very clean and very warm sea. A pleasant sandy entrance to the sea and a feeling of complete relaxation after a long road.

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