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May evening on the Volga.

If you come to us in Kostroma, then you should definitely stay here for the night, so that you have the opportunity to walk along the embankment of the Volga River and enjoy beautiful views of the sunset.

Usually my walk begins in the city center, where there is a large area. The main vertical in this square is a large fire tower, which is without a doubt a symbol of the city.

From this fire tower we head down to the embankment of the Volga River. Now Kostroma is in quarantine and there are very few people on the street. This is nice, because you can safely enjoy the beautiful May evening.

The day was the sun and the air warmed up to 15-17 degrees. It was very warm and it seemed that the real summer was about to come. But in the evening, when the sun went down to the horizon, the temperature dropped to 8-10 degrees Celsius. This is pretty cool.

But we were ready for such a turn of events and dressed warmer.

There was almost no wind and it was nice to look at the Volga in the gleams of sunset.

A walk along the embankment is pleasant with views on the right bank of the Volga. There are temples among small wooden houses and when the sun goes down very low, the golden crosses of the temples begin to shine, working like mirrors. It makes an impression.

Then, when the sun goes down even lower and the right bank plunges into the shade, the accents become lanterns and luminous windows of houses. They create a surprisingly warm and comfortable atmosphere.

On our left bank of the Volga, in addition to the promenade, there are also cafe-restaurants. One of them is on the old landing stage. Since now all cafes and restaurants are closed due to quarantine, windows on the landing stage do not burn. Everything is immersed in a deep shadow.

But this man-made object in itself is an important part of our Volga culture. It relates to the river fleet and to the history of Kostroma.

A short walk is over and we return home through the city center. Kostroma is a beautiful city and I hope my photos will let you feel it.

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Hey, @amikphoto. That sky is absolutely beautiful. Cotton candy-like. I absolutely want to visit! Thank you for sharing :)

Clearer skies and nature's beauty got revealed like old dust cleaned up from the old paintings. Thanks to Lockdowns all across the globe.

Great architecture and the scenery is just magical. I love it!

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