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Walk around the city. City spirit

For some reason, Greece was again remembered. I did not finish my long story about traveling through this wonderful country, stopping my story somewhere in the north of the country in the area of ​​thermal springs.

From there we still drove to a place where fur coats are sold, but this is a separate story. After several days of ordeal, we finally arrived in Thessaloniki.

We saw this city only on the first day, when we flew to Greece. The first feeling was that the city was just full of cars. Here and there cars are parked where it is possible and of course where it is impossible to park. Here and there, cars are parked in two rows.

Imagine that you are the owner of a car that is in the front row closer to the sidewalk. You approach your car and see that the exit is blocked off from all sides. And you are in a hurry, maybe even late for the plane. Horror? Horror!

A short walk around the city on the first day gave only a small idea of ​​this city, and we had to go through these streets again, to feel life in the city.

Therefore, we specifically decided to devote some more time for exploring the city of Soloniki.

And I must say that in this city there is much that is worth seeing. Various ancient buildings, arches, temples. Buildings of the Ottoman Empire - a mosque. Later temples are interesting for their architecture. Just beautiful houses, squares and streets.

Since the city of Thessaloniki is a port city, all life, one way or another, occurs in the vicinity of the sea. All major attractions are on the beach.

All life happens right there. Young people come ashore, sit down, relax, talk.

We walked until the evening and I can say that when the sun goes down people do not leave the promenade. It seems the opposite. There are more and more people.

The city lights up lights and becomes cozy from yellow-red lights against a blue sky and sea.

Today I am especially pleased to look at these photos and remember what the smell was on the waterfront. It seemed to smell like coffee. May be a bit of tobacco.

They say that thieves are active in Thessaloniki, but I have not seen anything like it. I saw only a lot of people from Africa who sell cheap copies of branded watches, bags and other accessories.

They lay out their goods on the bedspreads and if they see the police, they lift the bedspread along with samples of their goods and run away. Samples, as it turns out, are sewn to the bedspread.

All this is funny and I have seen similar in Italy and Spain.

And if you take a cup of coffee or a glass of wine at the bar, you can even have a beer, then life will become generally beautiful. Another thing that I really liked in Thessaloniki. This is a typical Greek shawarma called Gyros.

It is always very satisfying and tasty for very little money.

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