STPT Short Review, Upcoming Event And Price Update

STPT (Standard Tokenization Protocol) is a decentralized platform aims to facilitate the usages of digital asset. It's currently used on blockzone to offer users participating in airdrops, bounties, staking, investing etc. Today I'm going to discuss it's upcoming events and price updates.

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STPT mainnet will launch on 30 September, 2020 that means only 18 days left. Big event always generate price hype and we noticed it several times. The current price of STPT is at 0.0214$, all time low price 0.0058$ on Sep 30,2019 and all time high was 0.094$ on Jun 27,2019. Personally i bought STPT at partial price range from 150-180 satoshi and sold out partially 240-320 then again it dumped and bought at 175-190 and now it's price is at 207 satoshi. I think, it's still at cheap price. For short term investment STPT can be a good choice for traders. I expect a huge price spiking in coming days and it can hit again 300-450 satoshi. Don't trust me, it my personal opinion and small experience. Always do your own research to buy any shitcoin. I count STPT as a shitcoin but shitcoins help me to grow my funds. By the way, you can share your opinion in the comment box.

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