NFT-ART : African Old Woman Art.

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Hello friends,

How are you all, I hope you are well. By the grace of God, I am also well. You know I love to draw. And it can be called a kind of art. I like to draw on any subject. Today I drew a nice art . I think it will be very interesting. Today I have done digital art through apps. I am slowly learning to do digital art. Today I presented the scene of painting with a girl paint brush through digital art. We do a lot of painting in this way. Draw today's picture with ideas from him. I hope you like my drawing today.

এর লজ্জা মৎ.jpg


• Infinite Design App

Details :

First I drew the lower part of the face of an old African woman.


Then I painted little by little the upper part of the face especially the forehead and the two ears.


Little by little I drew the upper part of the head and some part of the body.


Then I painted the inner part of the face with coffee color.


Later I put different colors in the crown of the head little by little.


After that, I painted the lower part with different colors.


Then I took the background color. This is how I finish drawing. I hope you like my art today. We will meet again later with something new. Hope everybody is doing well.


finale output :

এর লজ্জা মৎ.jpg

The Concept Of My Art:-

All my Tron fan club friends. You know I like to do art. I like to highlight any art easily. My art concept today is very simple. I always want my blockchain to work with this art concept. That's why I always want to keep my work here. My concept today is a very beautiful. I fixed it with a lot of thought.I also created a new art of mine today. Tried to bring innovation in today's artist. Especially tried to make the color combination beautiful. Also, I made it beautiful with many designs inside. I tried to give the background in this art in a beautiful way. Hope you like my art today.

I minted this art in the largest nft market place OPENSEA, recently.

Post Details

DeviceRedme note 9
Photographer and artist@tasonya


Thanks everyone


What a beautiful artistry you have shown The new colors and designs in your painting are very inspiring. Your effort to take it to new dimensions by combining it with blockchain is amazing. Thank you and wish you success. 🎨👏

Indeed you have created an incredible piece of art of an African old woman art, it truly depicts astonishing skill from you. Keep up the good work.

 3 months ago 

It's amazing old woman art.

It's like a living image, it seems to have been shot with a camera! Thank you for sharing such a perfect design

It is very good to see the fascinating arts. I love seeing such beautiful art every day. thank you.

Wow, I see you have made a very nice art. Seeing that I could not turn my eyes away. You have to admire such beautiful art.

Wow! Nicely done african old woman art and nicely explained step by step process of your art. I just love this type of art. Its color combination has also been used very well. Thanks for sharing such an art.

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