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Hello friends,

How are you all, I hope you are well. By the grace of God, I am also well. You know I love to draw. And it can be called a kind of art. I like to draw on any subject. Today I drew a nice art . I think it will be very interesting. Today I have done digital art through apps. I am slowly learning to do digital art. Today I presented the scene of painting with a girl paint brush through digital art. We do a lot of painting in this way. Draw today's picture with ideas from him. I hope you like my drawing today.



• Infinite Design App

Details :

First I drew the lion's eyes bit by bit.


Then I drew a little bit more of the lion's face.


Then I designed the interior with a few different colors.


Then I painted the inside of it very nicely with a color little by little.


Then I took the background color. This is how I finish drawing. I hope you like my art today. We will meet again later with something new. Hope everybody is doing well.


finale output :


The Concept Of My Art:-

All my Tron fan club friends. You know I like to do art. I like to highlight any art easily. My art concept today is very simple. I always want my blockchain to work with this art concept. That's why I always want to keep my work here. My concept today is a very beautiful. I fixed it with a lot of thought.I also created a new art of mine today. Tried to bring innovation in today's artist. Especially tried to make the color combination beautiful. Also, I made it beautiful with many designs inside. I tried to give the background in this art in a beautiful way. Hope you like my art today.

I minted this art in the largest nft market place OPENSEA, recently.

Post Details

DeviceRedme note 9
Photographer and artist@tasonya


Thanks everyone


Love your art as always. Today's lion vector art looks pretty cool. Each step is very well presented. Best wishes for you.

You have created a lion art with many designs. Especially the eyes of the lion are very beautiful.

S9 beautiful art. This art has many shapes that none other art had.

You have given us a very beautiful art. You do a lot of beautiful work.

The lion looks pretty cool, but your NFT ART today is really impressive! Thank you, keep it up!

Thank you for constantly sharing such beautiful art with us. Besides, I like your art very much.

Wow! I am impressed to see your lion vector art. This is looking very beautiful. The colour combination of your art is looking good. Thanks for sharing this type of art.

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