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The market for cryptocurrencies is still suffering from the bear market that saw the price of its leading coin, Bitcoin, fall from $40,000 to roughly $18,000. All other alts fell in line as the price of BTC declined. The top 20 coins are all currently losing money after making significant gains in the preceding 30 days.

In contrast to all of my other cryptocurrencies, TRX has fared brilliantly by not falling so significantly over the past 30 days. Currently trading at $0.6.

In opposition to the broader bearish cryptocurrency market trend, TRX seems to be building support above $0.63. Even though the price of TRX is currently stable, a small indication of market bulls could cause the price to increase.

Even if we start with $0.63 for TRX, investing in the USDD-TRX LP with an APY of 89.21% is not a bad decision. Additionally promising is the USDD's continued adherence to the peg throughout the current bear market.


Therefore, the TRX stablecoin pool is a very profitable idea, especially when taking into account TRX's potential for the future. In order to vote for SRs, I've been using my TRX, which I'm now unfreezing. After three days (the unstaking period), I'll enter the USDD-TRX liquidity pool. Why would I choose the almost X10 offer on the USDD-TRX farm over the 7% APY on TRX freeze?

The majority of outsiders (and some insiders) are ignorant of TRX's status as a rare asset with expanding features and platforms, including loan platforms, liquidity pools, and other things. I believe there will be a lot of demand for TRX, which will drive up the cost.

Think about a potential USDD-TRX LP from the standpoint of the TRX deflationary notion and how it would affect the entire Tron ecosystem. If those stable coin whales recognize the value of TRX, which we have already started to see as TRX's price keeps rising during this bear, the USDD-TRX LP has the potential to inject millions of dollars into the ecosystem.

Additionally, keep a close eye on the USDD-USDT pool, which is presently generating 43.99% APY and is constantly expanding. This is the first reliable coin pool to ever offer a high yield in the Tron ecosystem.


To provide liquidity and generate passive revenue, I'll be purchasing a sizable number of TRX and USDD in the next days. I'll keep everyone updated on it.


Very good idea about TRX. I actually like it. Very well described.

A very qualitative info. I need to take my time to digest this properly. Good job friend. Thanks for sharing.

This is beautiful and great to know, thanks for sharing friend.

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