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Hello to everyone here in the great community known as the Tron Fan Club. Today I will be joining the ongoing contest that has been tagged "Tron Based Dapps Review" that has been organized by @engrsayful. thank you, sir, for this great contest, it is indeed an eye-opener to all Tron users and as well as knowledgeable information to all newcomers in the community. today I will be reviewing the SunSwap decentralized application. stay put and I wish you happy reading.




Sunswap is based on a decentralized application that is built to assist Tron users to exchange cryptocurrency assets, especially Tron. it is typically an exchange platform that enables users to swap various tokens to their preferable choice tokens like the Ethereum Bitcoin Tron and a lot more.

As a decentralized application, it needs no permission from a higher authority just like the centralized system. it works on its own as though it has been interconnected with the Tronlink web wallet as such it has been made a lot easier for Tron users to automatically swap their tokens without leaving the wallet, so technically transactions are performed effectively when we wish to swap tokens in the SunSwap that has been interconnected with our wallet already. so swapping of cryptocurrency assets and making trades are easily executed in our wallet. it is also regarded as the ever fastest and cheapest app so far and a liquidity pool is provided where users of the application can place their cryptocurrency tokens for trading and then traders can equally use it to exchange their assets in exchange for a trading fee also the prices are fixed already according to the token supplied ratio.



  • In SunSwap Dapp, transaction fees are evenly shared to various liquidity providers after which a higher APY is achieved as a provider.

  • Transactions are so cheap and faster in the Sunswap Dapp, and as such one need not worry about slow transaction issues.

  • The SunSwap has made token exchange easy and as such, we can swap our tokens so smoothly without any cause for alarm.

  • The SunSwap Dapp can as well be used to generate income and profit and this is achieved by making contributions to the exchange as a liquidity provider in the Dapp.

  • As a semi-centralized Dapp, the SunSwap can not be authorized by a third party and as such, it is considered to be secured and safe.



The SunSwap is so easy to use, when you have downloaded your Tronlink Wallet on your device, we can see that it has been integrated already with the Tronlink Wallet. to view this, just follow these few steps

  • Step one - log into your wallet and then go to the Sunswap application located in the wallet, after that you will see that it has been automatically integrated the Sunswap with your Wallet together.

Screenshot_20220419-221938_TronLink Pro.jpg

  • Step two - After connecting the SunSwap and our Wallet, we can now execute several transactions we wish to carry out on the Sunswap Dapp by doing so, we can now locate or choose the token we wish to swap or trade and then perform or execute the operation as simple and short.
Screenshot_20220419-222016_TronLink Pro.jpgScreenshot_20220419-222040_TronLink Pro.jpg



Actually as confirmed by me alongside many users, who have been using the Sunswap Dapp for a long, it is considered interesting and good for making executing transactions such as trading and swapping of tokens, especially the Tron token. the basic features that this Dapp possesses which make me use it often and the ability to carry out transactions so quickly and with its cheap rate, it is suitable and efficient enough.

Also as a semi-decentralized application, it operates on its own, needs no authority from a third party nor has a transaction limit, so in a nutshell, we can make making transactions according to our wish without resistance.

It is also very easy to use, and it is considered safe, it has a private key which is your wallet key that allows the owner or anyone who owns the private key to gain asses to it, that is why it is expected to keep your key private so that it will not be jeopardized by anyone.



The SunSwap Dapp is said to be a semi-centralized application as as such it needs no authority from a centralized system, it is fast when making or executing transactions, and also it requires a very low transaction rate.

It enables us to exchange our cryptocurrency assets and also helps us to swap these assets for another, trading is being carried out efficiently with the help of the SunSwap Dapp.

Like an application that is based on a decentralized system, it helps us to be in charge of our assets and thereby providing a connection that is linked to our wallet and is been kept safe and can only be assessed using our wallet private key.

A big thank you to the Tron Fan Club Community for the wonderful contest that is been organized to help us get vast knowledge about cryptocurrency-related topics, see you next time.

Note: All unsourced screenshots images were taken from my mobile Tronlink Pro wallet application, thank you.


I wish you all the best for participating in this contest and for giving me a great review about sunswap.

Thank you so much for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

This is an excellent work you seem to have covered some areas which I didn't notice in my post..

I'm glad you noticed it, thank you for your kind words. Greetings.

SunSwap i think is one of many Dapp from tron that suitable for all user even the amateur in the crypto world, keep it up

Exactly, and it's eco-friendly. Very fast and cheap sir.

SunSwap Application I think DApp is a great application. You have discussed all aspects of it in a very nice way. Thank you very much.

Thank you so much sir.

Thanks for sharing this sunswap Dapp review. From your post we can know about this sunswap application and its benefits.

Exactly, thanks for your kind words, Greetings.

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