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Hello, My Dear TFC Friend's.

Hope everybody is doing well. I'm fine too. Today, This blog is going to be very interesting. A lot has happened at NFT World in the last week. The value of a marketplace has increased, while the value of a marketplace has decreased. This all depends on the number of traders and the total volume. The more dollars that are traded in that marketplace, the more that marketplace will be ahead in the rankings. A marketplace only comes in the rankings when there is a very beautiful NFT collection and its demand is the highest for everyone.

It is natural that the marketplaces will fluctuate in the ranking. Today, This blog is not Tron-related. All types of marketplaces will be accepted here. As I told you before, NFT is becoming more and more popular. There are 3 types of people: - 1. Buyer, 2. Sellar and 3. Collector.

Buyers come to buy NFT and he is thinking of holding it. NFT creators come to sell their NFT and sell it at a price they like. And collectors basically buy NFT at a lower price and sell it at a higher price. It's basically like a business.

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Every week I try to keep you updated on NFT. Because of this, I post a very lovely review post in a week. The sole purpose of sharing this post is to make you aware of NFT. The more you know about NFT updates, the more you will be interested in it. These NFTs are sold at record prices every week. Looking at the reviews of all these things, the interest and enthusiasm to work with NFT will work in your mind.

I collect these reviews from about 36 marketplaces. Here are the top 5 NFTs out of these 36 marketplaces. These NFTs are constantly being traded in marketplaces. Due to this, there is no shortage of records. Some NFTs have been popular for several years and some NFTs have suddenly come up on the popularity list. As the days go by, the value of these NFTs increases.

In this week, there are different types of NFTs collections on this review list. Every single NFT sells at a high price. This is amazing because NFT traders came back to this NFT marketplace & traded NFT.

No. 01



At the top of this list is Fidenza #971 - Art Blocks Curated. This NFT is created with a unique and attractive concept. It's QRcode is arranged like this. Its concept has been done in such a way that it will make everyone fall in love instantly.

No. 02



Azuki #3153 - Azuki ranks 2nd on this list. Every NFT in the Azuki series is my favorite. This character made with white color shadow effect is very attractive and cool looking. The cap worn on the head makes it more attractive.

No. 03



Satoshai #129/999 - Satoshai is in 3rd place on my review list. Satoshai is a new and exciting NFT series. The NFTs in this series are mainly focused on crypto assets. In this NFT we can see the symbol of Bitcoin and another symbol. These symbols are presented in a box.

No. 04



80 Colser Dr, Covington, GA is ranked 4th on my list. This is also a new NFT series. A house is beautifully represented in this NFT. The house is cartoonized and a strange circle is drawn in the sky of this house. That takes this NFT to another level.

No. 05



Persistence of Time #272 - Persistenc is in 5th place on my review list. It's been great seeing all the new NFTs this week. Because there is a lot to learn in these new NFTs. The concepts of these NFTs are quite deep. In this NFT we see a frog umbrella in the desert. This NFT is represented quite nicely.

Top 5 NFT Sales [ 09-03-2023 to 15-03-2023 ]

SlNFT NameNFT ImageTimePrice
01Fidenza #971image.png4 days ago$545.39k (380 WETH)
02Azuki #3153image.pngyesterday$337.17k (191.69 ETH)
03Satoshai #129/999image.png4 days ago$240.38k (168 ETH)
0480 Colser Dr, Covington, GAimage.png4 hours ago$218k (218k USDC)
05Persistence of Time #272image.png4 days ago$211.59k (147 ETH)


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