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22/4/2024 tron-fan-club

🤗 Hello my all friends, 🤗

how are you all Hope everyone is safe and well. Alhamdulillah I am fine too. I came to work with you in this community. A few days ago I learned to do digital art. Although I still can't draw perfectly, but still try to do something good. That's why I tried NFT art. I like to do different kinds of new art. That's why I am trying to share my art with you. Also today I will share a beautiful art with you. I will share with you today Vector art of beautiful dog . I will always try to share new art with you in the interest of doing something new. Hope you like my art today.


🖌️ Ingredients 🖌️

• Mobile phone
• Infinite Design App

Details :

First I went inside the apps. Then select a brush from the brush tools. Then I started drawing. Then I made the background color black. And I painted the dog's nose with skin and white color.


Then I painted the eyes and eyelids with blue and white colors. And made some designs on the forehead with orange color.


Then I designed something around the lips and lips with skin color. And below the lips I designed something with skin color.


Then I made some design around the face with blue color. And made some designs with white color on skin color.


Then I painted a hat on the head with white red and blue colors. And below some part of the face I designed with red and blue color.


Then with skin and copy color I drew two big ears on both sides.


Then finally I did the background color which looked really nice. That's how I finish my complete build today. I hope you will like it. Later I will appear before you with another new art.


finale output :


The Concept Of My Art:-

I have always loved doing art. Especially now I like to do different types of digital art. So try to create new art. I will try to share new art with you. I want to spread my works to everyone. May my work live forever. I always love to make colorful art. Today I will share with you Vector art of beautiful dog Similarly, today also I made a very beautiful color combination art. I especially like doing this kind of art. I always try to make art very beautiful. Today I have given some very beautiful design of interior. I tried to give the background in a very beautiful way. Hope you like my art today.

I minted this art in the largest nft market place OPENSEA, recently.

Post Details

Deviceoppo cph2185

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Thanks everyone


omg the dog looks amazing, very well designed, thanks go ahead

This is wonderful dogs art which is looking so beautiful. Nice drawing. Best wishes for you

I am really encouraged by your comments, so I try to share something better with you.

You have done wonderful beautiful dog art. But your art looks pretty awful.

I am really surprised to see your comment. You have commented me so nicely. This is why I got so much encouragement.

Wow, Very Nice Dog NFT, i like Dog, very nice artist.

Thank you very much for your comment

Beautiful, and simply awesome design, your vector art of beautiful dog left me awestruck indeed, you did great

Thank you for such a nice comment. I will try to do better.

Dog vector art looks more beautiful. I think you have done a great job and the color combination is very beautiful. Best wishes to you.

Thank you very much for such a well organized comment.

Seeing your colorful arts reminds me of my own arts. Thank you for making it beautiful step by step.

Looking at the dog art in your yard, it looks like the king of dogs to me. Thank you so much for sharing this unique art of yours with us

Wow,This art is really amazing.

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