NFT-ART||NFT of a moment of love between two pigeons 🌺🌺🌺🌺

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How are you all Hope you are well. Today I came to you with the nft Today I present to you a NFT art of the nft art of piegons .Today I did nft art of two pigeons. I hope from pretty good thoughts. You will love this nft art of mine. I always try to present some beautiful art to you. I really like to see two pigeons. The dove is a symbol of peace. Among many birds, I like this pigeon more. They sometimes play and look very calm. NFT is currently increasing in popularity, every user is creating better NFT, I am also trying to create it in that perspective. is gaining popularity now and I am also trying to do a great job.



Project 54_12.png

Necessary materials
  • Infinte design app
step 1


First I went into the Infinite Design app and then went to Settings and selected the Lazy Tool.First I drew the eyes and lips on both sides of the pigeon.
step 2


Then after drawing the complete part of the pigeon's head on both sides using the settings, I drew the part of the pigeon on both sides in stages.
step 3


Then I drew the wing part of the pigeon and the tail down. I drew two sides and two legs of the pigeon on both sides. My complete pigeon frame is done.

step 4


Then I drew a part of a branch below, then the eyes, the eyes of the pigeon and the lips I painted step by step, then I painted the neck part on both sides .
step 5


Then I painted the neck part with black color on both sides and after I painted the wing part with yellow color I made the bottom again normal then my pigeon part was painted on both sides .
6th step


Then I made a beautiful branch below. I made beautiful leaves on the branches step by step and then the NFT art of my two pigeons was complete.

Final step

Project 54_11.png

Concept Of My Art

Finally I picked up the nft of the tried to make NFT of Tried pigeon nft I like nft very much. Always try to do something unique, beautiful love has been created between two pigeons. As you all can see it is very nice to see NFT is popular with me for this reason. Every user is doing a good job. I tried to create this art from each one with more skills. I hope you will like it. nft is very popular nowadays, it means something unique. So always trying to present something unique to you.I will definitely try to mint it on OPENSEA NFT market.
Post Details
DeviceRealme 8 5g
Photographer And Artist@razuan12
Thanks Everyone

a moment of love between two pigeons is so wonderful to see..

Thank you very much brother for your beautiful comments, I always try to do something good.

You have created very great art. I liked the pigeon art you made.

I am very happy to see that you like the pigeon. I will try more and thank you for coming up with something good.

It is nice to see the uniqueness and beauty in your art. You have used decorations and colors uniquely in the new NFT art of Pigeons. Your hard work and new ideas are commendable. You have pursued excellence in every step. .

Tried to create a unique way, let's take your mind, I'm happy thanks for being by my side.

You're Most welcome dear friend

Wow, your digital art truly captures a sense of warmth and emotion, you are quite good in this, for a fact friend your digital artistry is clearly depicting your passion.

I like your comment as always. Always nice comments. Thank you very much for your great comments.

A very beautiful moment between two pigeons! I am impressed by the design! Share more such ART regularly

I am always trying to share something good with you. I will try in the future too. Thanks for staying by my side.

You have done a wonderful art. Thank you so much for presenting such a beautiful art to us.

Thank you brother for submitting your valuable comment. I also like your work very much. Thank you for being there.

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