Bitcoin's Next Movement! What can be understood from the Bull Runs of the past?

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Assalamu Alaikum

how are you all Hope everyone is doing well, Today I will talk about the next movement of Bitcoin. What does the history of bullrun say after Bitcoin's last halving? Let's talk about how high Bitcoin can go today! As we all know Bitcoin has halved 3 times in the past. Today I will see how much Bitcoin can go by analyzing the history of the past! Let's first find out how much BullRun Bitcoin touched all-time high in the past.
First Halving November 2012

When the Bitcoin halving happened, the price of Bitcoin was $12, then in 2013, Bitcoin created its all-time high and went to almost $1000!

Second Halving July 2016

Bitcoin hit $650 during the second halving, then $20,000 in 2017.

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Third Halving May 2020

The third halving took place in 2020 when the price of Bitcoin reached $9,000 during the Halving and then in 2021 Bitcoin created its new all-time high at around $69,000.

Fourth Halving April 2024

At the time of this halving, the price of Bitcoin is $64,000.

I once again shared this history with you.
If you pay attention, you can see that Bitcoin has pumped several times after 1 year of Halving!
Especially after the first halving, Bitcoin pumped 84 times in 1 year.
And if you pay attention to the Halving of 2020, you can see that Bitcoin has pumped more than 7 times in 1 year!

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2 good aspects behind the huge pumping of Bitcoin in 2025 are number 1 - Bitcoin Halving Effect, number 2 - Bitcoin ETF
These two aspects will drive bitcoin much higher, even if bitcoin pumps 3 times bitcoin $64K × 3=?
Past records tell how well Bitcoin can perform in 2025.
Looking at the history of the past, do you think how much Bitcoin can go? You must comment it.
Ending today here, everyone be well, Allah-Hafez.


Alykom al Salam
Great article bro

I hope the next movement of Bitcoin will be as expected. I hope it will be as good as before. I will see its full condition in the next few months.

This market is now in good position. There are many ways to understand bitcoin next movement. One of them is to knowing past patterns of crypto market. Because market will do same thing that he did yet.

Thanks for sharing very important topics about bitcoin Halving.

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