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As you all know that 2022 is the year that the asset bubble popped. People's investment portfolios got damaged but you must not forget that millions are made during the bear market and successful investors need to keep their heads straight. The market does not care about where we are now only where we are going. Right now is now the time to be giving up and taking away. What you do in this present time will determine your success during the bull market. You should know the bear market is not quite a time to be feeling sorry for yourself.

Bear market to use the bad time to prepare for a good time but it for building yourself. Use the bad time to prepare for the good time, though it sounds simple it is not an easy thing to do. One thing you are going to need during this building process is cash and that means the more you earn the more you can invest. In less than 10 days to the end of the year, there is no time like now to review your current financial situation. You need to remove waste from your income to maximize your income.

You also need to consider building systems for better cash flow. When it comes to the bull market, you can invest anything and the price will go up but the bear market away reviews the truth. A beat market is a time to learn from your mistakes of FOMO, misallocating money, and suffering huge losses when you overexpose of a particular asset. You should use this time to review your financial goals and your decision to make progress. Take this cycle as a moment to map out what you want your portfolio to look like in the next bull market. You can diversify your asset and let them be made up of many different assets.

It is important you study the macroeconomic works, and also topics of what is happening in the market and what we could expect to happen in the market next. Understanding things like the previous market cycle and how money flows between many different assets could help a lot. Although history may not repeat it does rime in the market. As an investor, we must be prepared for anything. You need to put yourself in a position where you know investment inside and out. A bear market does not mean assets can not go up in value, it is a very common misconception.

When the bear market ends, the market can move fast and up but until that time, you should keep in mind that the market can change quickly. You should not ignore economic indicators because people are speculating. You need to pay attention to blockchain upgrades, partnerships, launches, and so on because tend to move the price. Fear will keep telling people not to invest and that now is the terrible time to invest. The reality is that prices are cheaper right now and recession brings a lifetime opportunity. The market won't get worse forever and you can dollar cost average in the market. You need yourself build-up time for a long-term investment, it doesn't happen overnight.

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