Ethereum turning Bullish!

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Recently we have seen that most of the coins were down in the market and probably this can be the halving impact on the market. Usually, it has been seen that around the Bitcoin halving market is down and I'm not sure if it is done intentionally or if this is how it works every time automatically. Even the Bitcoin price was down so obviously we are going to have Ethereum price low as well but this price dip is not a matter of concern.

Talking about ether I can say it is a solid project in the Crypto market and there are many regions why etherium is a popular chain. First of all, it is one of the leading blockchains that is very easy to use and any project can build the application on this chain network which is why projects choose Etherium as their base network to build.



Secondly, Ethereum is a bigger and more scalable chain where you can build your project and you don't need to worry about the data scale and uptime because I have never seen when this chain was down. Undoubtedly the cost of transactions is one of the issues but projects and whales do not care much about it since they are more focused on scalability because I believe this is the key.



Ethereum price as of now is going up after the Bitcoin halving event and looks like this coin is going to get ready for the next pump. It is hard to predict as of now whether it is preparing for the bull run but I believe by the end of this year we are going to expect a significant price rise. Experts are saying that Ethereum's price can be approximately 6K US dollars by the end of this year or maybe in the next year max and this prediction is based on the overall market adoption. This is quite possible if the ETF for ethereum also gets approved because if that happens then a trigger is highly anticipated on its price.

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Nice analysis. But hopefully, along with Ether, altcoins will also give a good pump and enter the bull market.

Great content from you, ofcourse Ethereum performance is not a surprise at all as is a strong coin fundamentally and ofcourse we seeing bullish things in the crypto market now.

I also agree with you that Ethereum price is likely to go to around $6K by the end of this year, and Ethereum as well as Layer 1 coins have a chance to see a good pump! Thank you

A wonderful article you have gifted us. I agree with you and I think that Ethereum will be in a good position later this year.

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