Bitcoin touched $48K! Are you heading towards Bullrun?

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Every time Bitcoin moves towards the higher price range in the market it creates positive sentiment in the market as well. As an investor everyone expects the price to go so that they can make more money but every market is never certain and sometimes it follows the fluctuation as well. Even in the crypto market, we see that sometimes there is a big fluctuation in price. This crypto market is highly volatile which can also be considered as an opportunity but new traders and new people coming into the market can be a little worried.



The current market situation is in a different state where we cannot say whether it is bull run and we cannot say that it is also a bearish market. We have seen how the price of Bitcoin has grown over the months and now it is heading towards the 50K USD mark. The all-time high price was 69K USD and from the current price we are not far away and if things go well then it might go even.

Now the question is are we heading towards the Bullrun? I think it is difficult to answer this question as of now but certainly, we can say that the market is improving however it is going to take some time before we declare the bull sentiment in the market. The halving event is almost 70 days away from now and with the halving event reward for Bitcoin will be reduced by 50%. After this reduction the cost of Bitcoin will increase because minus will be earning less in terms of the quantity however with this change we can also expect the value of Bitcoin to rise.

It is expected to happen because nobody will like to mine the coin with loss and that is why it has always been seen that after the halving Bitcoin has grown its value in the market. It is expected that we might see the bull run sentiment in the market by the end of this year or if not this year then next year it is highly anticipated. By the time we enter the bull run sentiment in this market, it is time for us to build and get ready for the time when we can book better profits.

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Your article always amazes me. Very good presentation. Go ahead of luck.

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Thanks brother

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Yeah we can see this pump. I think it will go higher.

I think we should hold our invested coin. Because bit coin halving is a big event for crypto market.

you are right that halving is a big event and after this market will be better

In some word , this is an amazing and educative post .

Great article, ofcourse this is the year of the bitcoin halving meaning it's the beginning of a bull run year so great things are bound to happen.

Currently, Bitcoin is one step ahead, Bitcoin has touched $50k now, Bitcoin is making new records day by day! Thank you for such a nice post

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It's going good 👍

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