Are you ready for Bitcoin Halving?

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We are just one day away from the Bitcoin halving event and by now most of us are aware of what event it is going to be. This is not going to affect our investment because whatever we hold will remain the same quantity but it is going to affect the block reward for the minors. Because of this immediate effect on the reward minors have been trying to utilise their maximum resources in recent few months to mine as much as possible.

This is a standard practise where we have seen that before the halving event or we can say couple of months before the event a major spike is seen on the resource utilisation for Bitcoin mining. It is understood because the image at impact will affect the miners and cost of Bitcoin will be increased for them. Although the price increase happens after a few months but immediately they will have to deal with it and to deal with this situation maybe they are trying to mine as much as possible.



The price for Bitcoin is down these days and some people are worried about this price but I don't think there is anything to worry about because remember what price we had last year. Now the Bitcoin crisis is still around 60K U.S dollars and I don't think this is a smaller price where we are anticipating that this is going to grow a lot. You can also consider this price as an opportunity to make another entry or maybe you can follow some DCA that can allow you to accumulate more bitcoin quantity for the long term. So I am ready for the Bitcoin halving and are you?

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 3 months ago 

I'm so excited to see Bitcoin's BullRun after the Bitcoin Halving! Thanks for the feedback

Yeah we are ready for this.

tomorrow is bitcoin halving day let's celebrate this moment together.cheers

 3 months ago 

Tomorrow is bitcoin Halving.

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